4 Healthy Habits to Pick Up During Pregnancy

4 Healthy Habits to Pick Up During Pregnancy

Practicing a healthy lifestyle is a need even if you’re not pregnant. While pregnancy offers a lot of opportunities to indulge in many things, food cravings included, you should still continue your healthy practices.

There may be some changes you need to adjust to, like your growing belly, but let it not stop you from pursuing what you’ve always loved to do. So if you’re wondering what other things you can do differently, here are 3 healthy habits to pick up during pregnancy.


Pregnancy Yoga


Yoga has become a favourite exercise in the US with 20 million practitioners — 83 percent of them women. If you’re one of the 20 million, don’t let your bump stop you. Pregnancy yoga more known as prenatal yoga is safe and have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies. It helps improve sleep, reduce strength and anxiety, helps prepare your muscles for child birth and help decrease lower back pain felt especially when your bump increases in size.


Chocolate – yes, you read it right!

4 Healthy Habits to Pick Up During Pregnancy

Chocolate helps you feel good, especially during those emotionally jam packed days. In a study conducted at Yale, it revealed that chocolate helps decrease the risk of developing preeclampsia in pregnant women. Indulging in more than five servings a week is a healthy dose of chocolate goodness!



4 Healthy Habits to Pick Up During Pregnancy 2

Eating healthy and avoiding food that is not good for the baby is a mandatory practice. You shouldn’t forget hydrating with water. Water encourages the body to absorb essential nutrients into your cells and transports them to the blood. Remember you’re not drinking for 1 anymore, which means that your usual daily water intake should increase to 12 or 13 glasses each day. If you’re feeling thirsty, its your body sending you signals that it is on the process of dehydration.


It’s also not recommended to drink a lot all at once. So it’s good to bring a water bottle with you. Not only is it handy but you can take sips of the right amount. A healthy dose of water also helps prevent UTIs (urinary track infection) and prevent any uncomfortable bowel problems.



4 Healthy Habits to Pick Up During Pregnancy 3

Aside from indulging in food cravings, sleep is the next best thing you should indulge in during pregnancy. Sneaking in extra sleep helps in you gain the energy that you need for building that life support system for another human. Extra sleep alleviates early-pregnancy nausea and helps in reducing back pain and headaches, lowers blood pressure, and helps you sleep better at night.