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Maternity Care

Maternity Care Magazine is committed to sharing inspiration on the journey to alternative pregnancy options, gentle birth, full term breastfeeding, attachment parenting, connecting with our teens, free-range learning, natural immunity, authentic family living, surrogacy, adoption and pro-choice pregnancy.

We hope that this is a place where people, who are on the journey of childbirth and parenting whose lives have been touched by adoption or surrogacy can find inspiration, support, resources and ideas on whatever journey that you are going thru.

We are committed to putting together interesting and informative reading material and resources by different writers whose life have been profoundly changed through parenting. The love and yearning to become parents is a different experience that a few really understand. Those few are the ones who are affected by infertility and challenges to childbirth. The longing to have children is a different experience especially when it is not easy to have.

Maternity Care was founded by people who have had the same difficulty and have overcome that part of our lives. We seek to provide incredible learning materials that will provide awareness, support and confidence in others who are seeking a community who understands the journey they are going thru.

The world has evolved to provide multiple choices for different lifestyles. Because of that, traditional solutions have taken a back seat but the traditional mind set still have yet to gain acceptance. Maternity Care aims to offer the kind of support and care that cannot be found in traditional communities. There is so much issues to face especially when dealing with the journey of surrogacy, adoption and pro-choice alternatives.

The journey of parenthood is not an easy road, but the magic and satisfaction found in it is so valuable. Not everybody will understand what each person goes thru, but Maternity Care hopes to be that vehicle of support.

We hope you find the answers that you’re looking for. If not, feel free to send us a message so we may add a resource for others who are looking for the same thing.

Together, we can provide support and encouragement, share ideas and spread the love. The journey won’t be easy but you can count on us to help make the load a little lighter and happier.