Pregnancy Resources in Canada


Pregnancy is an important part of a woman’s life that often needs guidance and answers to experiences that may or may not be common to every woman. Resources online provide the kind of support and information that offer women insights while on the journey of pregnancy.


Here are some of the most popular and Pregnancy and Maternity Resource in Canada.


Pregnant Chicken

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Launched in 2010 by Amy Morrison, a mom with 2 boys, Pregnant Chicken offers humorous insights about the world of pregnancy. It started out with things about what and what not to do during pregnancy. Pregnant Chicken was coined from the resources that she found that tends to always play on the safe side. Today, it is a popular resource and favourite site for parents in Canada.


Urban Moms

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UrbanMoms was founded in 2005 by mom and marketer, Jen Maier, during the dark ages of blogging long before the term “Social Media” had even been coined. Jen had an epiphany about life, work and motherhood after the sudden death of her cousin, Madeleine, a fellow mom.

UrbanMoms has grown to become one of Canada’s largest online communities for moms featuring intelligent content written by some of this country’s top writers. Our goal to inform and connect moms across the country on topics ranging from parenting to products to world events has led us on this journey to creating an amazing and eclectic community. At UrbanMoms we pride ourselves on our integrity and diversity as well as our partnerships with brands that bring value and cutting edge information to UrbanMoms and our readers.


One Fit Mom

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One Fit Mom is written by Carli, a fitness and nutrition enthusiast with 2 children. She started her blog when she became pregnant while being a Paleo-eating Crossfitter. Traditional resources just did not fit with her lifestyle so she decided to chronicle her experience while maintaining the same lifestyle.


Life from Here: Musings from the Edge

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Luna writes about her journey on infertility, loss, open adoption and life. She started the blog in 2007 after 6 years of trying to be pregnant. After different attempts at trying to conceive, she tried IVF on her 7th year and failed. This journey brought her to domestic open adoption where she finally got her dream. The blog began as an online journal to explore the profound effects of infertility and is a great resource to others who are experiencing the same.

In 2011, at the age of 42, Luna got the biggest surprise of her life and conceived her 2nd child.


Birth without Fear

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Birth without Fear aims to help empower and inform women of the different birth options available.  January Harshe is a wife and a mother to 6 children who have different birth experiences for each and wants women to know about these options which they can choose for themselves.


Lay Baby Lay

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Started in 2011 by Joni after her first child was born, Lay Baby Lay offers fresh and unique nursery inspiration and experiences of motherhood. The blog is a great resource for pregnant women looking for design ideas, inspiration or just want some eye candy. It has an assortment of style boards for the nursery, posts on her design projects and products from beddings to ottomans.

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One of Canada’s top parenting blog, Men Get Pregnant Too is written by Kenny while on his journey to fatherhood. While his wife was pregnant with their eldest child, he got a vasectomy and started the blog with a post on infertility. It gives a fun and refreshing perspective on pregnancy and parenthood as it is written by a dad, which is not common in parenting blogs.


The Bump

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The Bump offers fresh insights to millennial parents on fertility, pregnancy, birth and babies with stage-by-stage content, expert advice, breaking news, style inspiration and interactive tools—across all their platforms (including our apps, mobile and desktop site).


Nesting Story

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Nesting Story is written by Joanna Venditti. She chronicles her real, honest and inspirational stories about motherhood, marriage, twins, pregnancy, and weight loss. After her post on  “What four kids (including twins) has done to my body and my confidence” went viral, she has gained a strong following with features in Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, Fit Pregnancy, Today Show, Woman’s Day, and on major Canadian television networks.  


A Tale of Two Mothers

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Kim and Janelle tell their story of their surrogacy journey together. When Janelle needed a hysterectomy but wanted one more child, Kim offered to carry a child for Janelle and her husband. This blog offers insights on the journey of pregnancy and the intricacies of surrogacy, both physically and emotionally.